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Hello! From the team at Swyft ERP

Hello! From the team at Swyft ERP

Hi everyone!

We’ve been so busy customizing bundles and building cool software for clients that we haven’t had time to say hi. A huge thank you for coming to look at our site. Since our launch last year we’ve grown to a team of 10 and have been busy helping our clients scale, optimize their NetSuite implementations, and build really cool products that impact the way they do business.

We do a little of everything, with 2 CPAs on the team who are also NetSuite administrators, a Celigo/Amazon/Shopify expert, 3 senior developers, and a project manager. We are committed to the success of the companies that we work with, and often become integrated into the fabric of their company in the same way as a full time employee would be (but have the benefit of being able to scale up or down depending on their needs!).

Our ethos revolves around being a true partner to the companies we work with. We believe partnership is bidirectional, and have found that our specialty is in arrangements where we can build mutual trust to understand the strengths of each organization and really accelerate growth in the companies. We act as trusted advisors in not only a NetSuite capacity, but in forward thinking approaches about how to scale companies, which often relies on getting to know all of the sides of the company well and forging strong bonds with all the employees that we will be working with.

We have found that it is most important to have buy in from the members of the company who take part in the day to day operations. Sometimes executives don’t realize the processes that their employees are navigating on the floor, and we find satisfaction in streamlining communication and operations across multiple different divisions. It is a big lift to implement an ERP and can take time to train and learn a new system. However, we have built training modules that teams can watch and access at their leisure, and offer customized training sessions that go over the normal workflow for employees and suggest improvements in how to optimize the workflow using NetSuite. We find we can overcome objections quickly because we can easily fix the problems workers are having that many of the C-Suite executives may not even be aware of.

This may include having to keep information in 4-5 different places, including a legacy system, then transcribing it into excel, reformatting it for reports sent out to executives, and also taking notes in endless stacks of paper. Through our process, we are able to streamline all of this information into one place and reduce the time office or floor staff is spending. Anything that is done on paper or in excel can easily be done in NetSuite if built correctly, with the added bonus of that data being able to be combined with all the other data from the company and used to drive insights.

Please reach out to us with any needs or questions. Even if you are not interested in purchasing NetSuite, or have purchased it and need help thinking about the best way to optimize it, we are here to help. We look forward to working with you and your company :).

-Bethany Doran, COO (Swyft ERP)