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NetSuite Reports

NetSuite Reports

Set up reports to track your company’s finances, sales, customers and inventory, and gain actionable intelligence to help you run your business more efficiently. NetSuite’s reporting tools provide you with deep insights into your business, so you can make the right decisions. 

Unfortunately NetSuite’s out-of-the-box reports can be missing vital and common reports for industries. Listed below are custom report Swyft ERP provides to all of our clients, please inquire to learn more.

custom SQL report
Swyft Inventory Aging Report

An Inventory aging report shows you at a glance which items are fast moving and which items have been sitting on your shelf gathering dust. Reporting on this information is essential to make informed decisions to change your business processes or write-off unusable inventory.  

We have pre-built solutions for our clients to help them understand inventory age by item lot, class, and accounting categories. You can export these results to Excel, sort, and arrange by dragging and dropping headers in order to see the data in a way that’s meaningful to you whether you’re the CFO or the warehouse manager.

Swyft Item Transaction History Report

Wondering why you have a negative quantity of your inventory? Or what happened to cause the discrepancy between what you counted on your shelf and NetSuite? Understanding the story of how inventory items got to their current state can be a frustrating process to search through every related record for that item. 

Fortunately, we have a pre-built reporting solution that shows a running total balance of your every inventory item along with each transaction that increased or decreased the quantity.

Swyft Costed BOM Report

Get all of your BOMs and BOM Revisions at one glance or export to Excel. Quickly review your ingredients and prices, filter by items, types, quantities, or cost to better manage your manufacturing BOMs.

Swyft Standard Cost Report

See all your items standard cost as of any date easily with this report. You can filter by item, location, and date. Export all the data directly to Excel.

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