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How To Pick the Right NetSuite Partner

How To Pick the Right NetSuite Partner

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How to Choose The Right NetSuite Partner

The Importance of Getting it Right the First Time

Online it is quoted that approximately 40% of Enterprise Resource Software implementations fail. Our team was astounded by that figure – although there are always unforeseeable events that occur, causing companies themselves to go under or scale down, the vast majority of these failures result from a lack of true partnership required between company and NetSuite partner to truly transform a company into one on the cloud.

We have worked with many companies and perfected the process of implementation. For implementation to go smoothly, the most important pieces are:

1.     Clearly defined roles. We always ask for an org chart, as it is important to know who has permission to do what in NetSuite, and who does not. An example is that you wouldn’t want various employees to see other employees’ wages, or you don’t want certain people to be able to change how an item is ‘built’ in NetSuite. Making sure that the team you’re working with to implement knows who each of the key individuals are in your company and their functions is imperative.

2.     A realistic understanding of the timeline. Implementations can take 3-6 months when done correctly and may take between 100-1000+ hours of consulting work depending on the complexity of your company (see an example here). NetSuite is an ‘all in one’ system and unifies many pieces of data across the company. This is a wonderful tool to be able to have all your company’s data in one place and the only way to generate powerful insights, but in essence, your company will be moving operations to the cloud. Many companies do not fully consider that the move for their company will be one of digital transformation. If done well, the move can vastly accelerate business processes and seamlessly connect all pieces of your company. You should budget for the need for significant consultant time to set up the system, connect its pieces to your own business processes, and for building custom software that can automate processes to save your employees’ time.

3.     A willingness to partner and open communication. Swyft ERP spends a significant amount of time getting to know each of the key divisions in the company, as much of the work is understanding each employees’ role and workflow in detail and replicating it within software form.

4.     Empathy for employees’ needs. There is occasionally pushback from some employees when implementing a new ERP due to the time it takes to learn new systems, hesitance to learn ERP systems, and concerns that the automation will replace their job functions or add additional headache. We like to act as stewards during the transition to work with employees and ensure that they can see how the system will improve their workflow and

After becoming a consulting company that specializes in ‘re-do’s’ of suboptimal NetSuite implementation for companies, we have become experts in understanding, diagnosing, and avoiding the common traps that accompany most implementations. We have found that we are able to accelerate the progress of implementation and customization by spending time meeting with key players from the company, doing on site visits when necessary to establish relationships, and spending time to deeply understand the systems and people that make each company unique. Our goal is to customize NetSuite to your needs and tailor it to your unique processes.

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