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Course 1

chemical manufacturing in netsuite

We have worked with chemical manufacturers with highly complex processes and identified common issues that arise. Our team can help troubleshoot issues that may arise and efficiently develop fixes.

NetSuite for chemical manufacturers

Troubleshooting of recurring issues for chemical manufacturers
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Course 2

How Our Team "Rescued" An Implementation for a Manufacturer

All NetSuite consultants and partners are not created equal. Choosing the right consultant or partner is the difference between years of headaches and possible implementation failure and being able to digitally transform your company

The importance of picking the right consultant

We fixed a bad implementation for one of our clients and helped them grow
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Course 3

Standard costing in netsuite

Standard costing in NetSuite can be complex. In this blog article we explain the nuances of standard accounting in NetSuite and how it impacts the GL.

standard costing in netsuite

A guide for understanding complex costing within NetSuite
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Course 4

Out of the box reporting vs. custom

NetSuite comes with a wealth of tools to understand your financial data if it is configured correctly. However, learn more about when it may make more sense to build custom reports.

Custom Reporting

Is out of the box NetSuite reporting good enough or do you need customized reports?
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Course 5

Standard vs. average costing

Deciding when to use standard versus average costing in a company can be challenging. Standard costing can provide more control over financial modeling and projections but also increases complexity of month end close. We address this in our blog.

standard vs. average costing

How to decide what is best for your company
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Course 6

what is costing lot size

A step by step example of how to understand costing lot size in NetSuite and ways to use costing lot size in your organization.

Costing lot size

A case example
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I'm Rob bender, founder of Swyft

I have over a decade of NetSuite development and architecture experience. My first implementation was while I was working for an LED manufacturer. I witnessed the power of integrating an entire company into software, and watched the company scale from a small family operation to a multistate manufacturing corporation. I was fascinated by NetSuite consulting, which blends business acumen and deep understanding of financials and processes with software and started the company after witnessing the challenges companies go through in finding a competent NetSuite partner. 

Why work with Swyft ERP

scale your company using our unique development skillset

local partners

We are a tight knit team and form a close partnership with our clients We can help with large or small projects and serve as your fractional IT department and can flex up or down.


development excellence

Our team is well-known for our skill in fixing shoddy implementations. We have domain, business, and development knowledge that are unparalleled

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Responsive and available

We provide easy access to our team during working hours and can respond to requests within hours for our clients.

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