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Standard Costing in NetSuite Explained

About NetSuite Standard Costing When you use standard costs in NetSuite, each item has a certain cost associated with it. When you create a transaction with GL impact, the system will post the Standard Cost * Quantity to the GL account associated with the item. When the dollar amount of the transaction is different from […]


Costing Lot Size

What is Costing Lot Size? Costing Lot Size affects the computation of Standard Cost for Setup Cost. When adding a Costing Lot Size above or below 1 the system uses this information to calculate what is they should be standard per Quantity. Costing Lot Size can be set up if the user uses Standard Costing […]

How To Pick the Right NetSuite Partner

Tips and Tricks How to Choose The Right NetSuite Partner The Importance of Getting it Right the First Time Online it is quoted that approximately 40% of Enterprise Resource Software implementations fail. Our team was astounded by that figure – although there are always unforeseeable events that occur, causing companies themselves to go under or […]